The first step to begin prescribing Vetrax™ as a part of your treatment recommendations is to create your own Vetrax Veterinary Portal and account by signing up your practice at

There are two options to create a Vetrax Veterinary Portal for your practice. In both options, the person completing the setup process needs to be prepared to, and must have the legal authority to complete the process on behalf of your veterinary practice.

Option 1: Standard
This option will ask for basic information about your practice. Our customer support team will then verify the information given and approve the request. Once approved, you will then be contacted via email to continue the setup process.

Option 2: Expedited
This option is comprised of a sequence of steps where you will provide information about your practice including your Hill's Pet Nutrition Customer Number and your tax exemption document(s). The advantage of using your Hill's Customer Number is your practice is already verified, so you are able to bypass the verification step and complete the setup process in one sitting.