Setting up patients is a simple process within your Vetrax® Veterinary Portal:

Step 1:
Click the blue plus sign on the top left (it will turn purple once it's clicked).

Step 2: Select "New Patient" from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Fill out "Patient Info" (if birthday is unknown, check the "Exact date unknown" box).

Step 4: Click "Next" on the bottom right.

Step 5: Choose a plan that meets the dog's needs, then click "Next".

Step 6: Fill out "Condition/Treatment" fields, then click "Next".

Step 7: Select a goal for the dog by clicking "Add New Goal", then click "Next".

Step 8: Enter the sensor device number located on the posterior side of the sensor, then click "Next".

Step 9: Enter the client's personal information, then click "Next".

Step 10: Enter payment information, click "Save and select this card", then click "Next".

Step 11: Review data entered and click "Complete Onboarding" on the bottom right.

Once completed, you will see a pop-up window confirming the setup was successful:


Vetrax Adding a New Patient Explainer from AGL on Vimeo.