Targets are established when you enter a new patient into the portal. However, follow these steps if you’d like to establish or manage targets for existing patients:

Step 1: Select the name of the patient on the appropriate patient card.

Step 2: Select “Targets” in the main navigation.

Step 3: Click “Edit” on the bottom right.

Step 4: Edit the target you wish to manage or select “Add New Target” to enter a new one.

Step 5: Choose a target and select "Relative" (increase/decrease) or "Absolute" (less than/more than a specific value).

Step 6:
Option 1: If "Relative", choose between "Increase" and "Decrease", enter a percentage, choose between "Next" and "Previous" and select a day average from the drop-down menu.

Option 2: If "Absolute", choose between "Less Than" and "More Than", and enter a specific value per day.

Step 7: Click “Save” on the bottom right.