The Vetrax® Sensor communicates with our cloud infrastructure by connecting to a Wi-Fi network. During initial setup, the Vetrax® App will utilize a one-time Bluetooth connection so that you may provide the sensor with the network name (SSID) and password needed to connect to your home Wi-Fi. Once this setup is complete, the Bluetooth connection is no longer necessary; the sensor will automatically connect to our servers once per hour and upload the data it has collected. You may view this data from anywhere, at any time, using the Vetrax® App on your mobile device.

The Vetrax® Sensor supports WEP, WPA and WPA2-AES encryption. There is no personally identifying information stored on the Vetrax® Sensor at any time; it collects behavioral data only. This data is interpreted by proprietary algorithms after being uploaded to the Vetrax® cloud servers. The Vetrax® cloud is hosted and maintained by Microsoft® Azure®; the Azure® Cloud Services infrastructure is the gold-standard worldwide in data security, stability and reliability.

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