The Vetrax Sensor is equipped with a multi-color LED that allows users of the system to visually observe the status of the sensor. The various operational states and indications are:

Normal operation (While on a pet's collar):
Flashing green (every 15 seconds) – Capturing data. All is well!
Solid blue – Transmitting data to the Vetrax Cloud.  Yay!
Flashing red – Low battery, charge as soon as possible...  
Note: The battery requires two hours to become fully charged.

Connected to USB Charger:
Rapid Flashing green (every 3 seconds) – Sensor charging.
Solid green – Sensor fully charged.

You are able to confirm the credentials are correct after configuring your Vetrax sensor on a Wi-Fi network by connecting to the device within the Vetrax App and selecting "Sync Now", and observing the following two possible LED indications:

Blue indications only – Your sensor is connected to the Wi-Fi network. Congratulations! 
Two to four blue flashes followed by three red pulses – Your sensor is not connected to the Wi-Fi network. Please re-enter your Wi-Fi SSID and passcode.

Note: The passcode and SSID are both case sensitive.