Once a Vetrax Sensor is sold to a veterinary practice, the practice can monetize the sale of the sensor as it desires.   Our recommended approach is to sell sensors to clients in full retail packaging (sensor, baseplate, attachment bands and charging unit).  This transaction ensures a consistent, reliable client and patient experience.
We recognize that some veterinarians may desire to monetize the sensor via leasing or sensor reuse program.  The Vetrax Portal for Veterinarians supports offboarding an existing patient (and it's sensor) and onboarding a new patient reusing the same sensor.
Veterinary practices desiring to reuse sensors must be aware of the following veterinary health care team responsibilities prior to reassignment:
  • Each sensor must be reset to factory settings using the Vetrax App before assigning to a new patient. 
  • Each sensor must be cleaned before reuse (Vetrax Sensors are electronic medical devices which cannot be placed in an autoclave or other cleaning system, and should not be immersed in cleaning solutions).
  • All wear / damage from prior patient must be remediated prior to reuse.
  • Any missing components must be replaced in the retail packaging prior to reuse.
The Vetrax Sensor is warrantied for a period of twelve months from the time of initial activation.  Replacement parts can be purchased by contacting Vetrax Customer Support.