Vetrax sensors are shipped with a packet of straps for various size collars. These straps were designed to break as a fail-safe should a dog's sensor become hooked on something. However, we've learned that in some situations straps break more readily than desired. Dogs residing in multi-dog homes seem most prone to premature breakage.  

For these situations, we have developed an alternative means of attaching the a Vetrax sensor to your dog's collar utilizing optional bands. To receive optional bands for your dog's sensor, please complete this form, or contact the Vetrax Support Team.  

Please follow the instructions below to attach a Vetrax sensor to your dog's collar utilizing the Alternative Attachment Bands:
Instructions:  Secure sensor base-plate on collar using a single band.  

1. Place band over both attach points on the same side of the base-plate utilizing the inner or outer groove depending on the collar width. (See Top View)

2. Place the collar under the base-plate, and then wrap the band around the collar.  (See Back View)

3. Secure the band over both attach points, and in the appropriate groove on opposite side of base-plate. (See Top View)